• The Thali Platter

    Indulge yourself with a feast of authentic South Indian delicacies served on a platter offering rassam, sambar, poriyal, kolumbu, rice, chapati, yogurt and also a dessert to finish (SERVED BETWEEN 12pm to 3pm)

    Classic South Indian Vegetarian Thali D, G, N


    Add a bowl of non-vegetarian curry with your thali

    Chicken Curry


    Lamb Curry


    Fish Curry


    (Extra Chapati or Rice £1.50 each)

    Special Matka Biryani

    Hyderabadi style Biryani served with raita and salan (tangy gravy)

    Chicken Biryani D, N


    Lamb Biryani D, N


    Prawn Biryani D, N


    Vegetable Biryani D, N


    Curry & Rice - Lunch Deal

    Choice of your curry served with steamed basmati rice

    Chicken Chettinad D, G, N Chilly Icon


    Chicken Korma D, G, N


    Chicken Tikka Masala D, G, N


    Fish Curry


    Lamb Chettinad D, G, N Chilly Icon


    Malabar Chemeen Curry (Prawns) D, G, N


    Paneer Butter Masala D, G, N



    Chicken Lollipop E, G, S


    Mini Plain Dosa G, VE


    Mini Cheese Dosa D, G


    Flavoured Mini Dosa D, G


    Chocolate or strawberry flavoured crispy dosa served with vanila ice cream

    Plain Chips VE



    Masala Chai D


    South Indian Filter Coffee D


    Mango Lassi D


    Still/Sparkling Mineral Water (750ml)


    Non-alcoholic Cobra Beer (330ml)


    Coke/Diet Coke/Lemonade

    £2.50 / £3.50

    Half Pint / Pint

    Orange/Mango/Cranberry Juice

    £2.50 / £3.95

    Half Pint / Pint

    Cobra Beer (4.3% ABV)

    £2.95 / £5.25

    Half Pint / Pint (For more drinks, please see the Bar Menu)

    Street Favourites

    Dahi Poori D, G


    Poori shells stuffed with potato, chickpeas and drizzled with sweet yogurt, chutney and sev

    Gol Gappa Shooters G, VE


    Hollow puri, filled with potato, chickpeas and served with water flavoured with tamarind and mint

    Vada Pav D, E, G


    The street food that defines Mumbai. A pav stuffed with golden fried potato vada with tamarind, coriander chutney and garlicky masala

    Samosa Chat D, G, N


    Spiced vegetable pastries stuffed with peas and potatoes, served with chickpeas sweet yogurt, mint and tamarind chutney

    Mirapakaya Bajji G*, VE Chilly Icon


    Batter fried long green chilies stuffed with chopped onions and spices

    Kothu Parotha D, E, N, G Chilly Icon

    CHICKEN £9.95 / LAMB £11.95

    Shredded paratha stir fried with eggs, onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices

    Dosa Spring Roll G, VE Chilly Icon


    Our version of classic veg spring rolls with a twist for unique taste

    Parotta Rolls D, G

    CHICKEN £9.95 / PANEER £9.95 / LAMB £11.95

    Two mini parottas rolled with your choice of fillings

    Poori Bhaji G, VE


    Deep fried Indian bread served with potato bhaji

    Chole Bhatura D, E, G, N


    A very popular Indian fried bread served with chickpeas masala

    South Indian Favourites

    Served with chutneys and sambar (Any extra sambar and chutney £0.75 each)

    Plain Dosa G VE


    Rice and lentil savoury crepe

    Masala Dosa G, VE


    Rice and lentil savoury crepe stuffed with semi mashed potato mix

    Podi Dosa D, G


    Sprinkled with homemade spice mix

    Idly (3 pieces) VE


    Steamed rice and lentil cakes

    Medu Vada (3 pieces) G*, VE


    Golden fried spiced doughnut made with lentil

    Mysore Masala Dosa D, G


    Spicy savoury crepe with semi mashed potato masala

    Idli Vada VE


    Sprinkled with homemade spice mix

    Sambar Vada VE


    Spiced doughnut dipped in lentil broth

    Paneer Dosa D, G


    Filling made of spiced scrambled Indian cottage cheese

    Ghee Roast Masala D, G


    Slightly roasted until crisp with desi ghee and stuffed with spiced potato masala

    Egg Dosa E, G


    Stuffed with seasoned eggs

    Kal Dosai D, G, N

    £11.95 / £13.95

    Served with Chicken curry or Lamb curry

    Uthappam D, G

    £7.95 / £8.95 /£8.95


    House Special Tempting Starters

    Gobi 65 D, G Chilly Icon


    Hyderabadi style deep-fried florets of cauliflower tossed with yogurt, lemon and curry leaves

    Paneer Mongolian Dry D, G, N


    Golden fried cubes of paneer wok tossed dry with crushed kaju, herbs and spices

    Veg Manchurian Dry G, S, VE


    Homemade mix vegetable dumplings golden fried, tossed in Manchurian sauce

    Apollo Fish D, F, G


    Hyderabadi style battered fried fish tossed in chef’s secret recipe

    Royyala Vepudu C, D, G Chilly Icon


    Black tiger prawns tossed in a thick masala flavoured with ginger and spices

    Chilli Chicken E, G Chilly Icon


    Wok tossed chicken strips cooked in soya sauce with ginger, garlic, onions and peppers

    Chicken 65 D, E, G Chilly Icon


    A famous south Indian street food in which chicken is tossed in yogurt, red chilli, curry leaves and lemon juice

    Iddichi Varuthu Eraichi D, N Chilly Icon


    Lamb cooked soft and tender with cracked black pepper and fresh curry leaves

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