About Chennai Express


Chennai Express is an attempt made to introduce you with the real authentic South Indian cuisine with a wide variety of special traditional dishes emphasising to preserve it’s delicate flavours, aroma and the taste of the food we cater.
Our professionally certified and highly trained chefs focus passionately to use their skills and experience to enhance the authenticity and beauty of South Indian cuisine by using fresh produce and no artificial colours to make our customers’ visit as feel home.



TUESDAY-THURSDAY : 11:00-22:30

FRIDAY-SATURDAY : 11:00-23:00

SUNDAY : 11:00-22:00

Dishes of the month

Special dishes from Chennai Express for this special occasion season

Kappa Biriyani

Quite a special occational south Indian recipe with key ingredient being the naturally gluten-free tuber tapioca. Specially made hot Kappa Biriyani usually made and served with Perugu Pachchadi (Raita), Salan Gravy, Curry Sauce and with optional add-on drinks.


This is a common street food /thattukada special in Kerala, where it is eaten as a snack, or main course dish. Thattukada means small temporary food shop seen on the roadside, where food is served in a plate. The food is so tasty and really good. Taste heavenly. You have to try it for sure...

Chicken Lollipop

Most popular Indo Chinese Chicken! fun chicken wing appetizer & starter. Chicken lollipop is, basically a frenched chicken winglet, wherein the meat is cut loose from the bone end and pushed down creating a lollipop appearance.

Chennai Express Thaali Feast Delights

Explore all of our delicious gourmet typical Indian Thali. The Indian Thali consists of a big platter in which there are little bowls of variety veg/non-veg, lentils, sweet dishes, snacks etc. It also includes pickles, papad and Indian flatbread. Here we present to you the classic Chennai Express Thaali feast delights!

Classic South Indian Vegetarian Thaali

Poriyal, Potato Fry, Veg-Kurma, Sambar, Rasam, Yogurt, Papad, Poori/Chapati, Rice, Pickle, Dessert & Salad

Classic South Indian Non-Vegetarian Thaali

Choice Of Chicken/Lamb Curry, Potato Fry, Veg Kurma Sambar, Rasam, Rice, Poori/Chapati, Papad, Pickle, Dessert & Salad

Healthy Lunch Box Delivery To Your Office Door

▲ Free delivery within 5 miles

▲ Fixed lunch per month rates:

⇒ Veg lunch box £5.50

⇒ Non-veg box £5.95

⇒ Idiy box £4.95

⇒ Dosa box £5.95

⇒ Chicken biryani £5.95

▲ Terms and conditions:

*Orders will be delivered between 9:30 and 11:30. Menu items will change every day in mini meal options. Minimum order 10 lunch box from one unit. Preorder essential 24 hours in advance. Advance payment to be made weekly or monthly.



Carol Warrington

Will be returning soon as great food and service, plus not too expensive...

October 26, 2018

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